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Best Surprising Gift LOL surprise OMG Dolls

LOL surprise OMG Dolls– ‘Cute little hands, big shiny eyes, tiny fashionable accessories and stylish beautiful attires’, these are the impressions that scroll in mind.

OMG Dolls are mini dolls that attract little kids and with great surprise. Yes! If you wish to give a surprise to your little one, LOL surprise dolls are the perfect example for it. They are specifically designed as ‘unboxing toys’ for special surprises. Let’s read some more about these mini surprise box dolls.

What are OMG Dolls?

LOL surprise OMG dolls is a line of surprise dolls that are encased in a ball-shaped shell. They are packed in many layers. Kids need to tear the wrapping layer by layer to unveil the surprise dolls. You can see the happiness and excitement on your child’s face. You can dress and decorate these dolls with beautiful accessories in the box.

Appropriate Age of Kids for LOL surprise OMG Dolls

LOL OMG dolls are suitable for 6 to 10 years age group kids. Younger children can also play but parents need to be more cautious. There are very small parts that need to be played carefully.

Reasons of Popularity of LOL Dolls

  • LOL stands for Lil Outrageous Littles. As the name suggests, these dolls are startling and have eye-catching traits.
  • These dolls have hidden linings that appear as you dip them in the water.
  • Each doll has 20 surprises to unbox.
  • 4 different types of dolls
  • Articulation at multiple points

15 Rarest of LOL Surprise OMG Dolls

  1. Sugar Queen: It is a Christmas Doll. It is dressed in a glittery outfit and has ballet shoes.
  2. Stardust Queen: It is an Ultra-rare surprise OMG doll. It has special coloured eyes.
  3. Splash Queen: This LOL doll is based on a mermaid theme. It has beautiful blue hair. 
  4. Splash Meow-Maid: It is a surprise pet that belongs to Splash Queen. It is a little cat with a mermaid’s hair.
  5. The Queen: Her outfit, name and design, all are inspired by a ‘King’. It is a queen dressed in a king’s attire.
  6. Purple Queen: It is also an Ultra- rare OMG doll. It was designed in homage to late singer Prince and a song called ‘Purple Rain.’
  7. Pop Heart: It is a colour changing Pop Art Doll. Her hair also changes colours. Isn’t it cool!
  8. Luxe: This is one of the most attractive and rare dolls. It bears a unique metallic shine paint. It comes with its family- a baby and a pet.
  9. Kitty Queen: It has a fan following among kids. It is dressed like Pop Star Ariana Grande, with a cat headband and high ponytail.
  10. Cosmic Queen: Another addition to the LOL doll series with fun teal-coloured hair, purple lipstick and a beautiful jumpsuit.
  11. Boss Queen: Our Lil Outrageous Littles also go to the office! Yes, and Boss Queen is one such release. It styles smart with black round sunglasses.
  12. Bebe Bonita: This OMG surprise doll is a limited edition doll. Painted like a Sugar Skull, it glows in the dark.
  13. Beatnik Babe: As it is named, it reminds of the 60s Beatnik fashion. It turns purple in hot water and turns red in cool water. This is so exciting!
  14. Agent 00L: Surprise doll with a detective deerstalker cap. It reminds of James Bond.
  15. Queen Bee: Its design is inspired by Beyonce and its outfit is like Beyonce’s song ‘Single Ladies.’

Wow! So many varieties to surprise your kids. Kids love surprises and LOL surprise dolls are perfect toys to do that. Colour changing, twisting arms and legs, glittery outfits- all are add-ons to the unboxing LOL dolls. What are you waiting for? Just place your order on amazon for these limited edition surprise dolls.

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  1. How much does an OMG LOL doll cost?

      Ans. It costs around $39-$150.

  1. Are LOL OMG dolls appropriate?

      Ans. LOL dolls are appropriate for your little daughter.

  1. What does LOL stand for?

      Ans. Lil Outrageous Littles.

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