Best Bakugan Toys for Your Kid

Your child enjoys many cartoons characters. She/He fantasizes about his favourite cartoons. Ask you questions about them. S/he choose heroes, talk and practice actions like them. 

Do you want to add something exciting to their world of imagination? Do you want to make their favourite cartoon character a reality?

Here we are with one of such most loved figures- Bakugan Toys.

What are Bakugan Toys?

Bakugan toys are ball-like small figures. You can play with them on a card field that has a metallic strip. This strip stops the ball from rolling. As the ball stops, it opens and a cartoon creature is formed. These creatures include dragons, snakes and many others. Each set of Bakugan contains- 1 ability card, 1 character card, bakugan ultra figures and a bakucore.

Bakugan battle planet game is a fun game. Your kid can role-play along with friends and live the dream cartoon character.

The Right Age of Bakugan Toys

It is equally important to gift your child a toy that fits his age. If you buy one that is not age-friendly, it might result in unforeseen. 

Bakugan balls are suitable for kids between the age of 5-7 years. The recommended age by manufacturers is 6 and above. 

How Bakugan Battle Planet Works?

One can play with bakugan balls in two ways, one is ‘toy battle’ and the other is ‘trading cards’.

Here are four steps of its operation.

  1. Setup: Players have character cards (dragon etc.) in bakugan toys. Players pick their bakucore (hexagonal mats, on which the roll opens up into a creature) and place it. All bakucore pieces are aligned.
  1. Toy Battle: Players roll their ‘Bakugan’ on the field. It gets magnetized on the bakucore. The one, which opens, win the battle. If both open, then there is a B-power shown as per the character card. The character with higher B-power wins. A total of three bakugans battle in the field (without repetition). One with the highest victories wins.
  1. Trading Cards: Trading cards Bakugan battle is also played similarly to the toy battle. The only difference is that it adds the powers with the help of cards. Surely, you would want to witness the game. So stop waiting and purchase the exciting Bakugan Planet right away.
  1. Bakugan Fraction: These are 300 in total. All are characterized into six different fractions based on their style, ways, strengths and weaknesses. These six fractions are as follows-
  • Aquos
  • Darkus
  • Haos
  • Pyrus
  • Ventus
  • Aurelus

All of these deal with their opponent following a different fighting and defence strategy. You can collect these and build the arena of Bakugan Battle.

Top 10 Bakugan Toys by Amazon

Here are some top Bakugen suggestions for you. Pick any of them and order now for your beloved little one.

  1. Bakugan Battle Pack
  2. Bakugan Battle Arena
  3. Baku-storage case
  4. Dragonoid Maximus
  5. Brawlers starter set
  6. Baku-Gear pack
  7. Deka diamond dragonized jumbo
  8. Battle Arena & Collectible
  9. Ultra Trox
  10. Planet Gorthion

This Bakugan list can go on and on. You can buy any out of these. This game is not only a fun activity for your child but also develops their strategic skills. You can also spend some quality time with your little one and develop a healthy bond. Play, merry and nurture your friendship.


       1. What are Bakugan Toys?

       Ans. Bakugan toys are ball-like toys with different creatures inside them.

       2. Which is the strongest Bakugan in the world?

       Ans. Dragonoid Maximus is the strongest Bakugan with 8 inches in height and ultra-powers.

       3. Which is the most powerful Bakugan toy?

       Ans. Maxus Dragonoid is one of the biggest and most powerful Bakugan.

       4. Which is the most popular Bakugan?

       Ans. There are many popular Bakugans like Drago, Skyress, Tigres, Wyvern etc.

       5. What is Bakugan Spin Master?

       Ans. It is a new version of the game with an original story and action role-playing.

       6. Which is the rarest Bakugan card?

       Ans. Bakugan Elite are the rarest Bakugan card.

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