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Best Polly Pocket Toys for Kids

As children grow, they develop their senses. They learn from their surroundings. Whether it’s a game, a neighbor, parents or even a toy. Kids comprehend everything they look at around them. Therefore, it is important to choose a toy for your kid that add to his learning.

Here we are going to read about one such toy which will help in the growth of your child’s learning- Polly Pocket Toys.

Yes. Isn’t it something that reminds you about your childhood days? We did enjoy these little creatures in our times. Now it’s time to bring them back and relive with your little one.

If you have forgotten or never played with them in your nonage, we will tell you here. Believe you would love it!

What are Polly Pocket Toys?

Polly Pocket Toys are a range of miniature dolls and their accessories. As per their names originally they came in such small sizes that fitted in a pocket. Polly Pockets come in varieties of playsets. They come in small plastic cases. When opened, you enter the tiny kingdom. Here you will find a school, a drawing-room, a living room, a bedroom, a park and even an entire beach. Isn’t it fascinating? It is wonderful. Let’s read something more about them.

The Right Age of Polly Pocket Toys

Friendly speaking, you can play it at any age to revive the child in you. But on a serious note, the minimum age to play with Polly pocket house is four years. Ideally, a child between the age of 4-8 years can play with Polly pocket playsets. Some guardians consider four years of age as too young. It is because of the size of the dolls and accessories. Nowadays, they come in larger sizes than before. So, you can consider buying Polly pockets for a younger age also.

How Do You Play With Polly Pockets?

Polly Pocket Compacts come in small cases. Cases have Polly Pocket figures in them ranging from less than an inch to 3.5 inches tall. The dolls are folded in the middle. Polly dolls have circular bases. They are fitted (removable) in the holes that help them to stand at particular points in the case.

Simply, you can play and display a puppetry show with Polly pocket playsets. You can narrate amazing stories like- going to a movie, playing video games, cooking, going on a beach vacation, picnic in a garden and many more.

The Characters in Polly Pocket Games 

Polly Pocket playsets are not new. They had their origin in the nineties. Since then many characters were there in the game. Below are the current Polly Pocket house creatures.

  • Polly Pocket: The title character doll in fair toned skin with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a fun-loving confident character who loves adventures and going out with friends. Her favorite hobbies include shopping, water-skiing, snowboarding and many more.
  • Shani Smith: This little doll with dark-toned skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes is known for her intelligence and creativity. She loves to observe things with technicality. She is fond of her gadgets.
  • Lila Draper: Lila is a pale-toned doll. Its character changes its hair and eyes colors. She is a fashion lover and sweet by nature. Lila is a talented dancer as well.

Are you still imagining these characters? Why? Just go and buy your Polly Pocket playsets right away. From where? Below are some fascinating Polly Pocket toys, including the latest Polly 2020 sets. Choose as many you want.

Best Polly Pocket Toys for Kids

  1. Polly Pocket Fiercely Fab Studio Compact
  2. Polly Pocket Hidden Hideouts
  3. Polly Pocket Teeny Boppin’ Concert Compact
  4. Polly Pocket Aqua Awesome Aquarium Compact
  5. Hidden Places Beach Vibes Backpack
  6. Hidden Hideouts Little Princess Pad
  7. Mattel Polly Pocket Swirlin’ Smoothie Truck
  8. Polly Tiny Pocket Places Picnic Compact
  9. Pollyville- Polly’s huis
  10. Polly Pocket Transformation Playset

As you can see, there are numerous Polly Pocket Playsets. This means there are so many life stories, scenarios and learning your kiddo can get in a single set of Polly games.

So do not give it a second thought. Just pick one and place your order now.

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1. Are Polly Pockets still a thing?

      Ans. Yes, after its discontinuation, Polly Pocket was re-introduced in 2018.

2. Who invented Polly Pockets?

     Ans. Originally designed by Chris Wiggs, it was licenced by Bluebird Toys of England in 1989.

3. What is the suitable age for Polly Pockets?

     Ans. Between the age of 4-8 years.

4. Did Polly Pockets get smaller?

     Ans. The current Polly Pockets are slightly bigger than the old design.

5. How tall is Polly Pocket?

    Ans. The original Polly Pockets were less than an inch. Now they vary from an inch to 3.5’’ tall.

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