Wooden Toys for Kids

Best Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden toys- they are the most unique, eco-friendly and durable toys. However, wooden and handmade toys are often overlooked. Why so? Because we are living in the plastic age. Our kids are fascinated by synthetic toys. 

Let’s introduce our kids to eco-friendly wooden toys. Toys that are not just used and thrown away but treasured as a childhood memory. Go through the page and understand why you should buy wooden toys for your kiddo. 

Why Choose Wooden Toys?

Handmade and wooden toys are kid-friendly toys. There are several reasons for choosing wooden toys, like-

  • They are chemical-free. They don’t contain PVC, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, flame retardant chemicals etc. that are harmful to kids.
  • Wooden toys are durable and long-lasting.
  • They are safer for children.
  • They are biodegradable.
  • Wooden toys promote local craftsmen. It develops empathy among children. They learn to value their culture and embrace the natural beauty around them through beautiful designs.
  • Handmade toys develop creativity in children.

5 Best Wooden Toys (3-8 years)

  1. Rainbow bead abacus

Abacus is used as a counting tool. It is a frame-like wooden toy, which is used as a math learning tool for kids. Your kiddo can play with these colourful beads and learn the counting too, with these lovely ten beads in every ten rows. With an abacus, an elder (5-13 years) can do difficult calculations within seconds. 

  1. Rock Blocks

You would have gifted building blocks to many kids, haven’t you? Now try gifting these beautiful and vibrant coloured wooden stone building blocks. These are hand-polished with natural colours with smooth surfaces. The children will love them. Rock blocks are specially designed for kids’ psychological development. The different shapes and sizes of these 16 pieces wooden block set increase the balancing hand skills of your kid. 

  1. Stack & Sort Board

Stack & Sort wooden board is a geometric and shape recognition play board. It is suitable for all age-group kids. Your kiddo will learn about different colours and shapes during his play-time. It will enhance his hand-eye coordination and sorting skills.

  1. Maze Box Puzzle

Maze box wooden toy puzzle consists of 4 learning slides and 1 maze toy. It has a rotating wheel on the top of the cube. Each side of the cube is designed for kids’ essential learning like enhancing manipulative ability, increasing creativity, alphabets’ recognition etc. 

  1. Chunky Clock Puzzle

Chunky Clock Puzzle is a vital tool in assisting kindergarteners to recognize capital letters and numbers. Clock puzzle boards help children to learn at an early stage. The Size of Each Wooden Tray Board Is 30cm x 22cm, made with non-toxic material and an eco-friendly product. 

5 Best Wooden Toys (0-3 years)

  1. Wooden Handmade Damru

Eco-friendly hand made damru rattle for your little angel. Your cutie pie can play with it and enjoy its jiggling sound.

  1. Pull Along Toy Train

As your little one starts walking, this wooden pull toy train can accompany him. Its string will encourage your baby in walking, running, and develop hand-eye coordination.

  1. Wooden Xylophone

Toddlers love musical toys. They learn sound recognition, which enhances their listening and concentration skills. Let’s give your little kiddo this colourful musical xylophone. It is so durable that he can play with it from as young as six months to 10 years. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Baby Rattle Toys

It is a pack of five multi-colored baby rattle toys. These musical toys are a treat for baby’s ears having a soothing sound. This set includes- Jingle Bell, Rumba Maraca Egg Shaker, Tic-Toc Bell, Dumble Ring and Damaru Ball Rattle

  1. Wooden Bullock Cart

Bullock cart is an old and gold means of transport in India. This fun bullock cart will introduce your little one with our historic times in modern means. It is a beautifully hand-painted cart with fine eco-friendly colours.

So, here we are! With lots of amazing handcrafted environment friendly wooden toys. Choose these nature friendly, non-toxic, chemical free toys for your loved ones. A little extra care with fun-learning is a good deal for all, isn’t it? Go and place your order and enjoy these amazing toys.

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