Lincoln Log Toy Set

Best Gift for Kids: Lincoln Log Toy Set

As parents, you always wish your child to learn something new and exciting during their playtime. Whether it’s a play date with their friends, in school, at home and in fields, kids play-learn and vice versa. Do you want your kid to learn a new skill? Do you wish to see them building their favorite buildings? Here is something amazing waiting for you. Let’s check out the amazing Lincoln Log Toy Set.

What is a Lincoln Log Toy Set?

The Lincoln Log Toy is a miniature construction toy to build log cabins, forts and other miniature buildings. These are named as such after the sixteenth United States president who once lived in a log cabin. Lincoln Logs are marked in a way that logs are placed at right angles to form rectangular and square miniature buildings. It gives a realistic appearance to the toy building. The toy sets were created in redwood. Over time, it changed to plastic and again to wood.

Creativity and Skill Building

Lincoln Log Sets are not just a toy set but also proves to be an educational tool for kids. It develops building skills among children. Lincoln Log inculcates learning with fun. Your loved little one can build a dollhouse, a birdhouse, a garage, a puppy house and many more such miniature buildings. All by himself. Isn’t it exciting? You can enjoy watching your kids build and develop architectural skills. This weekend, plan a playdate with your kid. Order this amazing Lincoln log and witness their creativity.

Suitable Age

Well, learning has no age boundaries. But for safety measures for kids, it becomes important to give your child age-friendly toys. The Lincoln Log set has small pieces of wood. These could be dangerous for kids under 3 years of age. Recommended age for Lincoln Log is 3 years and above.

Top 10 Lincoln Log Toy Sets

You always choose the best for your kid. Why not in toys too? Here is the list of the top 10 Lincoln log sets that you can buy for your little one.

  1. Lincoln Log Redwood Junction: 235 pieces of real wood with plastic accessories, 3 piece train and 3 figures.
  1. Lincoln Logs-Fun on the Farm: 102 pieces with farm fence, doors and gates. You can buy miniature animals to have a more realistic feel.
  2. Lincoln Log-Classic Farmhouse: 268 pieces of stained real wood with no plastic pieces. Your kid can make three different building sets from these.
  1. Sawmill Express Train: 101 pieces of real stained wood and some plastic pieces to build the sawmill, train and its track.
  1. On the Trail Building Set: 59 pieces of building set for beginners.
  1. Horseshoe Hill Station: 83 pieces of maple wood logs with a plastic cowboy and a horse.
  1. Wonder toys Wood Log Set: 170 pieces of natural wood with a non-toxic finish and rounded edges, safer for younger children.
  1. Collector’s Edition-Village: 327 log pieces for 3 model structures to be built by kids as per their creativity.
  1. K’Nex Wild West Frontiers: 100 pieces of real wood for building sets.
  1. The Oak Creek Lodge: 137 real wooden pieces to build 3 different models.

Lincoln Logs are the advanced form of building blocks that we used to play in our childhood. Gift your child an advanced and realistic version of building blocks- The Lincoln Log Toy Set. Place your order and witness the artist in your child.

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  1. What does Lincoln Logs mean?

      Ans. Lincoln Logs are American Toys, square marked miniature logs used to build buildings, forts etc.

  1. Are Lincoln Logs real wood?

      Ans. Originally it was made out of redwood. Now it includes some plastic pieces also.

  1. Which family member invented the Lincoln Logs?

      Ans. John Lloyd Wright invented it. He was the second son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

  1. Are Lincoln Logs still popular?

      Ans. Yes.

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