Lego Bionicle Toys

What are Lego Bionicle Toys?

Storytelling is one of the traditional ways to develop a child’s thinking and imagination. Lego Bionicle toys are based on such a storyline. They symbolize the human body. The power it carries within in the form of water, fire, air, ice, earth and stone. Let us read and know more about these characters in brief.

Bionicle: The Symbol of Unity, Duty and Destiny

Bionicle is a line of toys developed by Lego Group. The name Bionicle is the combination of two words- ‘biological’ and ‘chronicle’. The series was an epic legend of Good V/S Evil. It starred all kinds of robotic creatures and characters. These creatures constantly explore new locations for an epic quest of heroes fighting to fulfil their destiny. Bionicle toys are miniature toy sets of these creatures. They excite children about the technology and power-packed adventurous journey. 

Which is the Appropriate Age?

Bionicle toys/games are suitable for a variety of age groups. The toys come in a canister. One needs to assemble them to form the creature. They differ in size. Moreover, they are technology-driven which require a bit more understanding. Hence, the recommended age group for Binocle toys is 5-16 years. You can gift your child each year one creature and he can collect all of the six Bionicles.

Bionicle Generations

There are two generations of Bionicle as follows-

Generation I: It lies between the years 2001-2010. The main story began during the first generation. In it, Toa-the heroic creature attempts to protect the prime populace of their world. It also tries to reawaken their God-like guardian who was forced into a coma by some evils.

Generation II: It lies between the years 2015-2016. It was a reboot of the original saga, with advanced animations. Children enjoy these on the television as well as in Bionicle toys form.

Bionicle Characters (The Six Toas)

There are in total six main creatures in the Lego Bionicle Toys. Each of these six Toa had a specific elemental power within them. They are as follows-

  1. Tahu: The Toa of Fire. Tahu is a hot-headed but selfless leader of the team. Its main task is to awaken the Mata Nui.
  1. Gali: The Toa of Water. Gali is considered the wisest among all Bionicle toys. It holds and unites everyone together. It is the only female Toa featured in Bionicles.
  1. Koppaka: The Toa of Ice. It gives chills to the enemies and makes them shiver with its supernatural powers.
  1. Lewa: The Toa of Air/Jungle. It is symboled as a light-hearted and most clever Toa of Air.
  1. Pohatu: The Toa of Stone. It is the friendliest and happy Toa in Bionicle toys. It has good relations with other Toa. Encouraging and treats everyone as equals, not as subordinates.
  1. Onua: The Toa of Earth. As the name suggests, it was a quiet and philosophical Toa. It can control the elements of the earth. It can also build earth pillars and earthen fists. It is a dweller of caves.

These are original Toas of earlier editions. With time emerged many other creatures with new moves and powers.

Best 6 Lego Bionicle Toy Sets in 2021

  1. LEGO Bionicle Onua – Master of Earth Toy
  2. LEGO Marvel Avengers War Machine Building Kit
  3. LEGO Captain America Mech Armor Building Blocks
  4. LEGO Marvel Avengers Helicarrier Building Kit
  5. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Carnage Building Kit

You must have lost in their worlds, isn’t it? It is like a human who is made of all these elements and the power of these elements come alive. You can ask your kids about their favourite Bionicle superheroes and surprise them. Buy now and gift them their favourite Toa.

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  1. Is Bionicle coming back in 2020?

      Ans. Bionicle is coming back. It is working on its third edition.

  1. Why was Bionicle discontinued?

      Ans. The decision was made due to recent low sales and low interest in the theme.

  1. What happened to Lego Hero Factory?

     Ans. It was discontinued in 2014 and replaced with the return of Bionicle.

  1. When was Bionicle Stars released?

     Ans. It was released in the year 2010.

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