the bridal mehndi handbook

The Bridal Mehndi Handbook for Your Big Day

The occasion of a wedding day is very special in everyone’s life. It’s the day that is going to change your life forever. And so, all of us want to make the best of it. The best attire, the best cuisine, the best decorations and most importantly, the best look.

When we talk about a bride, the importance of looks increases even more automatically. The outfit, the jewelry, the makeup- everything is planned like months ago for just 1 day.

But one more thing and a very special one that adds colors to this special day is- the bridal mehndi! Yes. The bridal mehndi that remains with you not just on the wedding day but for the whole week, even more than that.

So, the bride wants the best of it, the best design, an infusion of traditional and modern arts, the picture of her love. All spread on her hands in beautiful mehndi designs.

So, here we are, with the bridal mehndi handbook guide, with some tips to add more colors to your bridal mehndi and some do’s and don’ts.

The Mehndi

Earlier, mehndi was just a small get together with family and friends. Nowadays, no wedding ceremony is complete without a full-fledged mehndi function. But why exactly is mehndi a tradition in weddings? The main reason behind this concept was that amid the wedding preparations stress and hustle, the application of mehndi is a soothing experience. It calms down the nerves and gives a pleasant feel, preventing headaches and fever. It is considered as ‘Shagun’ i.e. good vibes in Indian weddings.

The Designs

There are a variety of mehndi-style designs that you can choose for your special day. Some of the popular ones are-

  1. Arabic Mehndi Design
  2. Indian Mehndi Design
  3. Portrait Mehndi Design
  4. Western Style Mehndi
  5. Tattoo Style Mehndi etc.

Further, in Indian Mehndi Designs, there are many regional designs that emerge from a blend of traditional and modern art forms. You can choose any of the beautiful mehndi styles for your special day.

Pre-mehndi Care

Every bride wishes that her bridal mehndi lasts for weeks and that fragrance of love could be felt for long. For this, you need to take care for few things before the application:

  • Wash your hands and feet properly with soap.
  • Apply eucalyptus oil. You can mix some olive oil or coconut oil also to darken the color of your bridal mehndi.
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Sit at a hustle free place with good light.

Post-mehndi Care

Post mehndi care is required to as follows:

  • Try to apply mehndi 2 days before the big day.
  • Keep it for 8-12 hours.
  • Steam works wonders in darkening the color. For this, you can warm some cloves in a Pan and hold your hands over it for steam.
  • After the mehndi is dried up properly, apply lemon and sugar so it doesn’t get off early.
  • After 8-12 hours, when you scrap it (not wash off), apply Vicks/balm or mustard oil to darken it further.

Follow these simple hacks and you will have the desired mehndi color for your wedding.


Try not to do following things to avoid any discomfort during mehndi hours-

  • Avoid intake of too much liquid
  • Wash your hands when necessary and try using gloves, if possible.
  • Try not to hustle until it is completely dried up so that the design is not smudged.

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Here you are! With your hands and legs, all covered with designer mehndi, with the color of love, all dark and glowing. Just follow these simple tips, use the good essential oils, links of the same are given for your reference and get yourself the best experience.

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