Onion Hair Oil Benefits

The Unexpected Advantages of Having Onion Oil for the Hair

Hair loss is a serious problem for both men and women, and practically all women are tired of maintaining up with the quantity of hair they lose each day. Other scalp concerns, such as dandruff, balding, thinning hair, and greying, are frequently related with hair loss. Onion hair oil has been used as a natural remedy for a number of ailments since ancient times. Onion oil is a great alternative for hair since it contains a lot of sulphur, which encourages the production of collagen and strengthens hair roots. It moisturises your scalp and enhances blood circulation, which promotes the development of thicker, stronger hair.

When used frequently, onion hair  oil can successfully encourage hair growth in that area while preventing bacterial infections and dandruff. If you want to lengthen your hair, onion oil may be of assistance. It is a cost-effective alternative that will encourage rapid hair development while giving your hair more thickness and vitality.

The after effect of onion oil on hair is positive; it is an effective cure for curing hair loss, increasing hair regrowth, and minimising premature greying. Onion Oil advantages also include hair shine and suppleness, as well as anti-dandruff properties.

Onion Hair Oil Benefits

Improves the Hair Regrowth Cycle

The capacity of onion hair oil to stimulate particular scalp enzymes helps to optimise the hair growth cycle. Faster development of hair and fewer hair loss are the results, giving the mane a healthier appearance.

Prevents Weakening and Fragility

Onion hair oil, which is high in sulphur, works wonderfully to stop hair loss, split ends, and breaking. This occurs as a result of the sulfur’s capacity to help your hair produce the bonds needed for strand-strengthening bonding.

Slowdowns Excessive Greying

Onion oil contains specific enzymes that can protect your hair from free radical damage, which helps to postpone premature greying.

Improves the PH Balance of the Head

A moisturised and balanced scalp is essential for having healthy hair, and onion oil can assist with this by preserving the pH levels of the hair follicles.

Fights Microbial Problems

Applying onion oil to the scalp on a regular basis will help stave off bacterial infections, which will keep dandruff and itching at bay.

Enhances Hair Texture

Using onion oil on a regular basis will leave your hair lustrous, smooth, moisturised, and frizz-free!

Absorption of onion hair oil on a regular basis may successfully alleviate and avoid baldness. The sulphur in onion oil works to prevent hair thinning, breakage, and split ends. The additional nutrients in onions prevent oxidation of hair. Additionally, it maintains a normal pH level in the hair, delaying the onset of greying.

How to Apply Onion Oil on Hair

Utilising onion hair oil (for a head massage), you can use both cold and hot oil treatments. To use onion oil without heating it, place a few drops in the fingertips of both hands and lightly rub your hair’s scalp for at least 5-7 minutes. 30 minutes after leaving it sit, gently shower it off. Repeat procedure 1-2 times weekly for best results.

To ensure the best level of nutrient retention, one can also combine the juice from the onions with some kind of oil (such olive or almond oil) and simmer it in a double boiler. Apply the mixture to your scalp and to the length of your hair, and leave it on overnight. The following day, wash it out with a gentle, SLS/SLES-free hair wash. Use your preferred nourishing conditioner after that.

Best Onion Oil for Hair

Onion Hair Oil with Biotin by The Ayuvedic Co.

The black seed and red onion oils in the hair oil nourish and moisturise the scalp. It has biotin, which is thought to boost keratin synthesis and fortify hair follicles. Bhringraj oil and sesame oil, which support the preservation of the scalp and the preservation of the natural equilibrium of the hair, are also present in the oil.

WishCare Red Onion Hair Oil

Best Onion Oil for Hair
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Ginger oil, black seed oil, vitamin E oil, argan oil, and hibiscus oil are all added to the red onion hair oil. It is made with Ayurvedic methods and is non-greasy and non-sticky. It claims to help in minimising hair fall and increasing hair development and is effective on all hair types. Additionally, it is entirely natural and devoid of any chemicals or mineral oils.  

Natural Onion Wash Hair Oil

Ginger and the oil from flaxseed in the onion hair oil boost scalp health and decrease dandruff and itching. The oil has a non-sticky texture that allows for simple absorption, and it contains ayurvedic and herbal formulas for maximum efficiency. It is chemical-free. 

WOW Skin Science Onion Hair Oil

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This onion hair oil claims to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. Along with onion, this oil contains coconut oil, which helps to minimise hair build-up, sweet almond oil, which softens hair, and EVOO, which helps to manage and reduce dry, irritated scalp.

How to Make Onion Oil for Hair Growth


200 mL coconut oil, 12 onion chopped, 1 cup curry leaves (optional)


Step 1: Chop the onions and place them in a blender. Then, add the curry leaves. Blend the ingredients together while adding any water until they form a paste. Avoid applying too much onion because it may irritate the hair follicles.

Step 2: Cook for 5-10 minutes on low heat, then raise the heat and bring the mixture to a boil.

Step 3: Reduce the heat to low and continue to cook for 15 minutes. By the final stage of the procedure, the oil will have darkened slightly.

Step 4: Set this mixture aside for the night.

Step 5: In the morning, strain the mixture through a strainer. Keep in mind that this mixture will take an extended period to pass through the filter because it is slightly thick.

Step 6: Pour it into a bottle and apply it a minimum of once a week to reap the benefits.

Side Effects of Onion Oil on Hair

This onion hair oil might weaken your strands and cause more hair to fall out due to its potent components. Leads to scalp eczema A high sulphur content can result in irritation or a burning feeling on the scalp. Scalp eczema can be brought on by dryness. Onion hair oil should not be applied frequently, it is advised.

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Should I frequently utilise onion oil on my hair ?

The sulfur-rich content of onions which is used in hair oil can cause irritation and itch the scalp, thus we do not advise using them on a daily basis as a hair oil. Spray it once each week before washing your hair for the greatest effects.

Is onion oil is effective for hair growth?

Onion oil for hair is an efficient treatment for hair loss, increasing hair regrowth, and delaying premature greying.

Can we leave onion oil overnight?

Yes, you can leave onion oil on your hair overnight.

How many hours should I keep ok onion oil on my hair ?

The oil should be carefully massaged onto your scalp for at least 5-7 minutes after you place a few drops in your palms. After letting it sit for 30 minutes, gently shampoo it off. For better results, repeat this 1-2 times per week.

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