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Do You Know Why The Like For Hair Ties Are Increased Among Men?

Being a guy with long hair you may be bored of hearing the same question numerous times  ‘‘how do you manage your long hair’’.

Do you ever know the significance of the simple hair tie that you use on your hair? Do you know that there are hair ties that are just for men? These hair ties are the best alternatives for hair gel. If you don’t know much about hair ties don’t worry, this blog will provide a piece of information on it and also some tips on how to use hair ties for men. Hence, your hair looks can be done better without the use of any chemical products.

What is a hair tie?

A hair tie is an item used to fasten hair, particularly long hair from the area of the face. 

It is also called a ponytail holder, hairband, hair elastic, wrap-around, gogo or bobble.

What is a hair tie made of?

A hair tie is made of a small string of elastic placed inside of a fabric loop and glued at the ends to form a hair tie. The elastic used in the hair tie is made of polyester and rubber to make it stretch and also hold its form. Around the elastic, it contains a fabric which is made of wool or stretchy cotton and dyed with artificial dyes.

Difference between men’s hair ties and women’s hair ties?

Both hair ties are made of the same methods. The difference lies in the style and adornments used to accessorize the hair ties. Men’s hair ties tend to be more functional, and less flashy and incorporate fabrics, colours and styles that speak to traditional male preferences. 

The hair ties for guys are made up of tough and durable material with a double stitch so that don’t get stretched and don’t even break

Why should men use a hair tie?

Many men prefer not to use hair gels or mousses as they make the hair tough, dry, sticky and damaged. Even the best hair mousses don’t provide much volume and hold, most people want to get rid of all those products. 

Men's Hair Bands

Some of the cool hair ties for guys come with features that traditional hair styling products don’t have.

  • They are chemical-free without any damage to the scalp or skin.
  • Provides more grip than most hair gels.
  • No hair loss takes place as the hair ties for men don’t tug on your hair.
  • Hair ties are cheaper than hair gels and mousses.

How should you use hair bands?

Short hair

For men with short hair, make sure that the hair tie you are using is of the right size. If the hair tie is too tight around your wrist then adjust the grip, so that it isn’t pulling very hard at all. Each strand should be wrapped up one by one until there is nothing left sticking out. If you find any difficulty in understanding the step, you can refer to the online videos. Just wrap the hair tie around from the bottom of the braid and then secure. Back combing your hair before tying it up will provide you with a tighter hold.

Long hair

Hair ties for men’s long hair should be the ones with enough grip. If you have particularly fine hair or the hair bands are too big, then they will not stay in place. Simply gather all your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Always you should make sure that it isn’t too tight. You can wrap them once. If it doesn’t work you can do two loops. Firmly pull down from both sides and adjust as necessary, how much grip you want. Before releasing ensure that hair ties for guys are secure by pulling them outwards. 

Benefits of using a hair tie?

hair ties for mens long hair

The hair ties are used as an alternative for hair gels and hair mousses. The chemical effect of the hair gel like the formation of dry, tough and sticky hair can be avoided. Also, cost-effectiveness is another important factor. You aim to hold the hair safely. It is made possible by the use of cheap and chemical-free best hair ties for men. 


You know that hair is sometimes unmanageable at sometimes. It would be more annoying when men have long hair. It can be easily managed by the use of hair bands without any pain. Hope this article provides you with knowledge on men’s hair ties and the method of using them. If you want us to cover you can mention it in the comment box. 


Can guys wear hair ties?

Yes, definitely guys can wear hair ties. If the guy wants to hold or volume the hair, he can wear a specific type of hair band depending upon the length and type of hair he has.

Why do guys wear hair ties on their wrists?

It is the best convenient place to keep the hair ties on your wrist when you are not using them on your head. 

Doctors never recommend wearing the hair ties on the wrist as there is a chance of causing an infection on the wrist if the hair tie contains ant bacteria.

Does using a hairband cause hair loss?

Wearing hairbands regularly can cause hair loss. If you wear too tight hair bands regularly, it will lead to traction alopecia which is a type of hair loss that occurs when you wear tight hairstyles and accessories. 

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