Different Types of Lips

Know your lips to decorate your smile | 7 Different Types of Lips

Lips are always a factor of attraction. Do you know the functions and significance of lips? Do you have any idea about different types of lips? If you don’t know, then you should read this blog. Come let’s start with what the lips are.

What are lips in the human body?

Lips are visible parts at the mouth of many animals including humans. They are soft and movable. They serve as an opening for food intake and articulation of sound and speech. Human lips are tactile sensory organs. They can be an erogenous zone when used in kissing and other acts of intimacy.

The lip consists of three to five cellular layers. The presence of melanin makes the lips light and dark in colour. Melanocytes produce melanin. If the lip skin is light in colour, it contains fewer melanocytes. The colour of the blood vessels passing through the skin of the lips gives it colour. But this effect cannot be seen in people with dark lips. They contain more amounts of melanin. It makes the lip skin appear darker.

What are the functions of lips?

  • Food intake

Lips serve eating functions like holding food or getting into the mouth. It also serves to close the mouth, hold food and drink inside and keep out unwanted objects. It also serves the purpose of sucking.

  • Articulation

Lips help to create different sounds like labial, bilabial and labiodental. They enable whistling.

  • Tactile organ

Lips are sensitive to touch, warmth and cold. They have many nerve endings which react as a part of the touch senses. 

  • Erogenous zone

They are erogenous zones only because they contain a large number of nerve endings. Studies show that the more oestrogen a woman has, the larger her eyes and fuller her lips are the characters perceived as more feminine. Lip size is linked with sexual attraction in both men and women. Researchers found that small noses, big eyes and voluptuous lips are sexually attractive in both men and women.

  • Facial expression

The visibility of the lips expresses emotions such as smile and frown by the curve of the lips forming an up open or down open parabola.

Are the lip prints unique? 

Lips are unique like fingerprints. So the lip prints can be used for identification purposes like fingerprints. The pattern of wrinkles and lines varies among individuals. We can make lip prints in many ways including blotting your lips when you put on lipstick.  The science of lip print is called cheiloscopy derived from the greek word for lips. 

different type lips

What are different types of lips?

You may be wondering what the significance of the type of lips is. Lips being one of the most prominent features of your face, have a significant role in its shape. Genetic factor mainly depends on the shape of your lips, your facial structure and other facial features. Also, the way you treat your lips can make a difference in how your lip looks.

The lips are mainly classified into two main categories, namely

  • By lip shape
  • By lip print

Classification based on lip shape

1. Heart-shaped lips

These are one of the most desired types of lips among makeup lovers. People with these lips have a prominent cupid’s bow, that is their upper lip has a pronounced dip in the middle. They may have a heavier lower lip.

2. Top heavy lips

This type of lips is seen in the majority of Indian women. This type of lips has a heavier top without having a distinctive dip in the cupid’s bow. 

3. Full lips

They are perfectly proportioned naturally full lips. These lips have well-balanced top and bottom lips. The bottom lips are usually protruding which becomes the cynosure of your face.

4. Thin lips 

This type of lips consists of less space and dimension on both upper and lower lips equally. 

5. Wide lips 

Have you ever been complimented for your smile being ear to ear? Then you have wide lips. Whenever you smile these types of lips tend to overwhelm your features by dominating your look.

6. Small lips 

These lips are not wide but tend to be full and protruding. 

7. Round lips

These types of lips are prominently round and lack a cupid’s bow.

Classification based on lip print

Type I: Vertical lines that run across the entire lips or part of the lips.

Type II: Branched, Y-shaped lines

Type III: Intersecting( crossed) lines

Type IV: Reticular (netlike) lines

Type V: Undetermined (mixed ) lines

Final word

The different type of lips gives a different type of beauty to the face. The colour of the lips is mainly due to the presence of the component called melanin. Excessive secretion of melanin occurs due to external factors and mainly due to lifestyle habits. Some disease conditions also contribute to hyperpigmentation. Change in some habits can reverse this condition. Try to follow these simple tips for a healthy lip. Leave your comments in the comment box.

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What colour are lips naturally?

The colour of the lips varies among individuals. It depends on the skin colour and many other factors. But the normal colour should fall from reddish to pink to brown.

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