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Menstrual Cups: Everything You Need To Know

Don’t let your periods take those days

Do you wish to swim, dance, run, walk, play at any time of the month?

Is it continuing as a mere wish?

It is stressful to handle the periods if you are not in a situation to change your pads. Especially due to the unavailability of hygienic washrooms while traveling.

And Period Leaks may always be your nightmare.

Do you use two pads and panties to avoid your period leaks?

Do you experiment with different styles of sitting and walking to avoid period leaks?

Do you weirdly look back in the morning to check stained clothes and bedsheets?

Do you lack the confidence to wear the white color dress during your periods?

How often can you clean down there on your period?

Do you hesitate to pee during your menstruation?

If you overcome all these tensions during periods,the next headache arises. 

How do you dispose of period pads?

The menstrual pads adversely affect the environment. The unscientific disposal causes pollution and diseases also.

How terrific your menstrual days are!

It’s high time to avoid all your worries about menstruation, and you should enjoy those days as regular ones.

Don’t let your periods take your precious time.

Here is the single solution to these multiple problems: A Menstrual Cup.

Do you start using a menstrual cup? Not yet?

A lot of misconceptions are there.

If you wish to choose a menstrual cup over a sanitary pad & tampon, please continue the reading.

Why Menstrual Cup?


The menstrual cup catches and collects your flow instead of absorbing it like sanitary pads and tampons. As it holds more, the cup provides more comfort, especially on heavy bleeding days. You can comfortably involve in any activities after proper insertion of the cup.

2.Safe and Hygienic

Most of the menstrual cup is made up of ultra-soft flexible medical grade silicone with no chemicals, plastic, or dyes. And offers long-lasting period care and leaves no room for irritation, itching, rashes, or dryness those often caused by sanitary pads. 

3.Perfect Fit

You may have the misconception that hymen breaks and the cup gets lost in the vagina. Don’t worry about breaking Hymen and getting lost the cup in the vagina. The Menstrual Cup is a bell-shaped silicone cup that fits perfectly in the vagina. It is easy to insert and remove.


The menstrual cup is made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, and the cup is reusable for years. A single cup can be reused for up to 5-6 years. It is better for the planet. The menstrual cup is significantly cutting back on necessary wastes.

5.No Odour

The menstrual cup ensures no embarrassing odors during your periods. Menstrual blood while exposed to air causes a foul smell. Since the blood is not in contact with the air, no need to worry about period odor wafting out compared to pads and tampons.

6.No Leakage

Using a  menstrual cup, you are free to do the activities you like at any time during the month. You can swim, dance, work out, ride a bike, go to the beach, walk, camp, or involve in any other activities that make a part of your ‘non-period day’.

7.Lasts 6-10 hours

Menstrual Cup is a bell-shaped silicone cup that is worn internally and offers up to 6-10 hours of leak protection. The menstrual cup comes in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your body perfectly. When the cup is inserted, you won’t even know it’s there.

8.Doesn’t affect pH of Body

Tampons absorb natural vaginal moisture in addition to menstrual blood. The pH balance of the vaginal region is usually disturbed as a result of this. The menstrual cup doesn’t cause vaginal dryness and hence does not affect the pH of the body.


Menstrual cups can be used over and over again. It is designed for long-term use and thus provides a significant cost-effective alternative as compared to disposable tampons and pads. You can do the math to know how much you save!

10.Environment Friendly

Disposal of sanitary pads and tampons is usually difficult and can cause environmental pollution. One sanitary pad takes 500 to 800 years to decompose. It adversely impacts the atmosphere while burning. The menstrual cup reduces menstrual wastes by a huge amount as it lasts up to 5-8 years.

It’s obvious that menstrual cup has many advantages over normal pads.

Are you ready to shift to menstrual cups?

Your mind may be filled with a lot of questions like:

1.What is a menstrual cup? 

2.What is the use of a menstrual cup? 

3.How to use a menstrual cup? 

4.How to insert a menstrual cup

5.How to insert a menstrual cup with a low cervix? 

6.How to remove a menstrual cup? 

Click the link to solve the queries on the menstrual cup.

Wish you a happy, comfortable & hygienic period days.

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  1. Nicely written.. As an experienced user of menstrual cup, I can definitely say it’s well explained.. It will attract new users for this life changing product.

  2. Informative… Its high time for everyone to switch to menstrual cup. Expecting more content like this…

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