Types of New Born Baby Clothes

10 Types of New Born Baby Clothes Every Parent Must Know 

Feeling overwhelmed with the wishes and gift showering of relatives? Amidst all this, you might be having a nagging sense of missing something on your baby’s checklist. 

Well, we have sensed you right. You might be confused about the kind of clothes to add to your baby’s wardrobe. 

Finding the right fit for your baby based on season and occasion can be a bit daunting task. Chances are that you might get either loose or too small clothes for them. To help you to make this task simple, we have made a list of the baby’s clothes that must be their wardrobe along with some cool places to buy baby’s clothes. Also, don’t forget to find the outfits for baby boy or girl. 

Websites to buy baby’s clothes 

If you don’t have the time to go out and shop for your baby’s homecoming then choosing the right outfit from online stores is a pretty good idea. There are many stores available online to get clothes for babies from 0-3 years. 

Now, you can tick off all your things from the list and choose the ones that suit your baby. 

Sites like,, Marks & Spencer, MothercareIndia, etc. have thousands of soft, smooth, and quality clothes for babies. You can add filters and choose the kind of clothes you want for your baby. These websites provide clothes on a budget. So, you can order clothes for babies in bulk. 

As you know the websites to buy baby’s clothes, but how do you know which outfit is called what? 

Here, discover the wardrobe staples for your baby. 


Newborn Baby Bodysuits

First on your mind for a baby’s attire is a bodysuit. A bodysuit or what we call a complete set is best. It’s open from the bottom with some buttons or a welcrome. For the newborns who need at least 5-6 times change after every cleanout. You can have enough of them. Try to have a pack of 5-6 baby bodysuits with different styles and cool colors. Have different sizes of bodysuits to keep up with the pace of growing a baby.


Newborn Baby Towels

Newborns are very susceptible to temperature change. So, most of the time they are held with a towel underneath. This is done to prevent your germs or sweat from touching the baby’s new skin. Get a pair of cute cartoonistic towels for your baby. 



Kimono style baby suits are a must haves in your baby’s wardrobe. These are super-cute and easy to wear shirt-style snap. It is best as it doesn’t have any button and this shirt is tucked up at the left side. It helps to avoid contact with the baby’s umbilical cord as it is still sensitive. These thin shirts can be worn and taken off easily without putting in too much effort. 


Baby Leggings 

Baby Leggings come in different sizes depending upon the age of your baby. These cute little colorful, printed, and textured leggings not only look good on the surface but prevent the insect bite to children when you take them out. 


Newborn Baby Bloomers  

Newborns wear diapers to prevent the regular change of clothes, in case they do something. Bloomers are also a kind of bottom wear to cover up the diaper when you take your baby out. So, you must add some bloomers to your baby’s wardrobe. 


Shoes & Socks 

As it is essential for us, so is for babies. In order to prevent the baby feet from getting in direct contact with the ground, when out, shoes and socks take care of them a lot. Add some beautiful frilly socks and bow shoes to pair up with your baby girl’s outfit. 

Pair your baby boy’s outfit with a pair of cartoon socks and funky shoes. 



Babies don’t bear the temperature outside, especially when they are newborns. Having caps will prevent them from catching heat/cold when they are out. 


Bib for Baby 

It’s normal that a baby burps out or spits some milk on its clothes every time he drinks it. Getting a small bib will help to prevent a constant need for changing clothes.



In order to let your baby realise the difference between day and night, sleepwear is as important as daywears. Consider buying some buttoned shirts and small lowers for your tiny ones. Sites like, have a wide range of sleepwears ranging in patterns, colors, and styles. Choose the one or a pair which suits you the most. 



It’s the 21st century. Here, the baby’s parents are more conscious about their baby’s complete makeover to make him/her picture-perfect all the time. Expecting accessories every time you take out a baby for a vacation or on any occasion is quite normal. 

Buy some cute hairbands to match with your baby girl outfits, along with some cute little princess hair clips for her. For matching up with your boy’s outfit, add a pair of goggles or a cute little watch to complete the look. 


Thus Concluding, 

You can have enough of the baby’s clothes and still won’t be enough. Make sure to get some smooth, light-colored, soft clothes for your baby. This will prevent the rash or irritation caused by net or synthetic clothes. 


Happy Parenting! 

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