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Best Oils for Baby Massage | Oils to Avoid for Baby Massage 

Congratulations! You have given life to your little one. 

The thought of having your little one in this world might have made you joyous at the time of your pregnancy. And see, here it is. With a baby comes the responsibility of taking care from dusk till dawn and all day long. 

The right kind of nutrition isn’t just limited to mother’s milk or foods but also by giving a proper body massage to them. Yes, body massage is very important to ensure the overall faster development of a child in its growth years. 

Body massage to babies helps them relieve fatigue, removes excessive hair on their body, and improves blood circulation in their entire body. The first-time mothers living with elderly people have the privilege to know such facts about babies. But what about single mothers, or young mothers? They might be confused about which oil is best for baby massage and how to do & use it? 

If you have searched everywhere on the internet and landed on this page, then you have the right choice. Here we provide the best baby oil for massage, the online and offline shopping places where you can buy these, and the benefits associated with these oils for baby massage. 


Best Oils for Baby Massage


  • Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil is one of the best oils for baby massage. It provides nourishment to a child’s bones and all other parts of the body. Studies show that massaging a premature baby with coconut oil helps in strengthening their skin and body. 


Virgin coconut oil can be used as a massage oil as well as a moisturizer for a baby’s skin. You can buy a virgin cold-pressed coconut oil from Forest Essentials, Mamaearth, or any other good-organic brand online. 

  • Almond Oil 

Almond oil helps in strengthening skin, brain, and provides speedy growth to the child. It helps in improving the glow of a child’s body. 


  • Johnson’s Baby Oil 

Johnson’s Baby Oil is one of the most famous oils for baby massage. From your childhood to theirs, it still comes up with the same quality and a promise. These oils are made with a blend of precious oils to help the baby grow better. 


  • Dabur Lal tel 

Dabur is another company in the range of providing child care development products. The Dabur Lal Tel helps in making children grow faster without being harsh on their skin. 


  • Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba oil is rich in vit-E. It is usually recommended for babies having eczema to heal their skin rapidly. 


  • Himalaya Baby Massage Oil 

Himalaya comes with a wide range of products for baby care. It provides oils best suited for the baby’s skin. You can try any of the products of the Himalaya’s as they are free from any chemicals. 


  • Shea Butter Oil 

Shea Butter is a natural creamy moisturizer that is best suited for your child’s skin. It helps in making the child’s skin smooth and supple. 


  • Rose Hip oil 

Rose Hip Oil is useful for making your baby feel relaxed from diaper rashes. It relaxes the skin and makes them feel at ease. 


  • Chamomile Oil 

Chamomile Oil is a very good moisturizer. It is high in fats and helps in relieving skin diseases and rashes on your baby’s body. 


  • Oat Oil 

Oat Oil helps in removing the redness, itching, and rashes from a child’s body. You can take this oil into consideration if your baby suffers from any skin disease or eczema. 


Oils to Avoid for Baby Massage 

  • Olive Oil 

Olive Oil is a heart-healthy oil with low cholesterol. This isn’t suitable for a baby’s skin as it contains oleic acid which can cause breakout on the softer and smoother skin of a baby. 


  • Mustard Oil 

Mustard oil has a spicy touch and releases fumes too. This can heat up the baby’s skin and cause rashes. That’s why doctor’s too avoid recommending mustard oil for baby massage. 


  • Soyabean Oil 

Just like mustard oil, soybean oil is also an edible oil with some fumes. It causes irritation on the baby’s skin.


  • Essential Oils 

Babies have silky-smooth, sensitive skin. So, the application of any essential oil might cause irritation or breakout on their skin. 


Thus Concluding,


The Baby’s skin is as soft as cotton. The newborns and the babies in their growth years need special care. When it comes to the application of anything on their skin, it has to be researched well and consulted with the doctor once. 


Many online websites like Mamaearth, Himalaya, Johnson & Johnson, Forest Essentials, etc. provide some paraben and harsh-free oils specially designed for babies. You can visit their website and choose the oils stated above in their purest form. 

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