oiling the belly button

Why Oiling The Belly Button Is Important

Ever thought of massaging your belly button? if not then you must make this a part of your daily routine. Do you know that massaging your navel point is a blessing to our health? Following ancient times this remedy is used by our grandparents to our parents for treating our health issues.

The navel is the center part of the body that is connected with other veins of our body. 

Oiling the belly button gives not only nourishment our skin but also activates our navel chakra. Ghee or other oils can be used for oiling the belly button for different health problems. Do you want to know the benefits of oiling your belly button? here are they-

Beautiful and Glowing Skin

You must have tried so many beauty products to get glowing and healthy skin. Some apply face masks while some keep visiting salons. But do you know that a few drops of oil in your navel point can give you beautiful results? This simple home remedy for skin care makes you fall in love with the trick. Massage your navel point with coconut and neem oil in a circular motion. It is best to massage at night time to get good results.

Brighten Tanned Lips

natural remedies for lightening your dark lips

Who doesn’t like beautiful pink lips? And we keep looking for different lip balms to other lip products to get rid of dry and tanned lips. Massaging the navel point is the best solution for this problem. If you apply ghee on your navel area regularly at bedtime your lips will be soft and brighten naturally. Try this wonderful trick to get that pinky lips everyone desires.

Reduce Menstrual Pain

No girl would deny how frustrating this menstrual pain feels. But you can easily go through those painful period days with this easy grandma’s remedy.

Massaging your navel point and area around this with essential oil can reduce your menstrual pain. Oiling your belly button helps to calm the veins around that area and you can easily get rid of those worst cramps.

Improve Fertility

The navel point is the smallest but the most important part of our body. This part plays a significant role for a mother and a child as it connects them.

Applying coconut, juniper, or olive oil on this point can boost your fertility.  For both men and women massaging the belly button brings healthy results. To get healthy sperm and balanced hormones this oiling is the right thing to follow. Be cautious to choose the right oil for this area as well.

Cure Stomach Issues

Having trouble with indigestion, constipation stomach ache or acidity? Try this simple solution of putting oil in your navel point. Coconut oil or olive oil can be applied to cure stomach issues. Instead of having medicine go for the traditional remedy to get rid of an upset stomach.

Balance Navel Chakra

It is believed in yoga and Ayurveda that the navel point is the source of energy and one must be aware of its effects on our body. to activate and balance the navel chakra you must put the essential oil on the navel area. A few drops of rosewood and sandalwood oil can do wonders. It gives you calmness and better vision to live in a good state of your imagination.

Remedy for Joint Pain

Known from the old time this remedy has been used to cure body aches also.  With growing age, the symptoms of joint and muscle pain start increasing. For its cure massaging the belly button with caster oil or rosemary oil reduce the pain. Oil massage provokes the nerves, muscles, and joints that give us relief from pain.

Healthy Eyesight

One of the best benefits of oiling the belly button is that it helps you to get better eyesight and vision. The veins around the navel point are connected with the eyes area, thus massaging your center area stimulates the veins and provides healthy eyesight. It also reduces the puffiness around the eyes and gives them nourishment.

The Secret of Beautiful Hair

Hair problem has become a common issue for every person nowadays. Oiling the belly button is beneficial for the proper growth of hair also. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and zink oil promotes strong hair and also lessens premature graying. To get the best results use coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil on the navel point.

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Tips to Remember

  1. Always clean your belly button with lukewarm water.
  2. Never put pressure while touching this area.
  3. Choose the appropriate oil to massage.
  4. Practice this remedy during bedtime to get a relaxed sleep cycle.
  5. Do remember to take a patch test before applying oil to your body.

How to Apply

First of all clean your navel point gently to remove all the dirt. Take a few drops of essential oil on your palms and start pouring it on your navel area. Let it absorb the oil properly. Circulate your finger clockwise while massaging the belly button for a while. Don’t be so hard while pressing the belly button as it can make you feel uncomfortable and cause pain.

Is It Safe?

Though this has experimented since ages it is believed by everyone. It’s been a traditional way to cure multiple health problems. According to research and expert advice massaging belly buttons has no side effects on you. This is not harmful so one can easily use this trick for taking advantage of it.

Massaging Is the Way

If there is something that can make you feel relaxed and calm easily it’s a gentle massage. Massaging navel point is so underrated but its results are unbelievable. one can cure multiple health issues by massaging this smallest part of the body. The secret of good health is hidden in this tiny button. From giving nourishment to your skin it works better for the reproduction system of the body. It has so many health benefits one can not get enough.

Pamper your belly button and get the recipe for a beautiful and healthy body.

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