Do You Know How To Use A Menstrual Cup ?

Do you decide to replace your sanitary napkins or tampons with menstrual cups?

Hope you have a clear idea of the benefits of menstrual cups over napkins & tampons.

But you may be confused with several questions like  How to use a menstrual cup, How to insert and remove it, etc?

What is a menstrual cup? 

A menstrual cup is a better alternative to the sanitary pad for female hygiene. It is a reusable cup made of eco-friendly rubber or silicone that can be inserted into the vagina to collect the period fluid. 

Cups don’t hinder your daily activities. Be it swimming, exercising, jogging, martial arts, or any other high or low-intensity work, you can do it easily. Cups don’t cause any rash or allergies, unlike sanitary napkins. Also, menstrual cups are eco-friendly, holds more blood than a sanitary napkin, and are reusable. Depending upon the flow during periods, you can wear it for up to 12 hours. 

Many people feel shy of using menstrual cups, but it is one of the most effective products in terms of money, usage, and environment. There are many brands available in the market for reusable menstrual cups. Some are Keeper Cup, Moon Cup, DivaCup, Lily Cup, and many more. 

Menstrual Cups do come in two varieties- reusable and disposable. You can buy at your convenience. They are easy to sterilize too, in case you are using reusable menstrual cups.

What is the use of a menstrual cup? 

The menstrual cup is an eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. It is used to collect the blood that flows out during the times of menstruation. It is a rounded-funnel-shaped cup with an opening to collect the menstrual fluid. 

There are two types of menstrual cups available in the market- disposable and reusable. Once you decide to replace your tampons or sanitary napkins with menstrual cups for your periods, you must take the advice of your doctor. Advice will help you get the right cup, and prevent you from various intimate infections.

How to use a menstrual cup? 

If you are thinking of revamping your intimate hygiene and want to switch to a menstrual cup, then consult your gynecologist first. Before making a purchase, you must know your size and the kind of menstrual cup you would like to use. 

In order to switch to menstrual cups, you and your doctor must consider the following factors before buying a menstrual cup: 

  • Your Age 
  • Kind of flow you have 
  • Length of the cervix 
  • The elasticity of the cup 
  • Strength of your pelvic floor 
  • Whether you have given any birth vaginally

The size of the cup plays a crucial role to get them fitted in the vagina perfectly to avoid spills. Smaller cups are recommended for those women who haven’t given birth vaginally and larger are for those who have given birth vaginally.

Getting started with the menstrual cup may be a bit uncomfortable, but greasing it with water can make the process smooth. 

Instructions for using the menstrual cup for a woman during her period. How to insert a cup into a woman’s body, how to use it.

Here are few steps that need to be considered while interesting a menstrual cup

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap. 
  • Apply some water on the rim of the cup to make it greasy for smooth penetration inside. 
  • Tightly fold the menstrual cup in half. 
  • Hold it one hand with the rim facing up. 
  • Insert the cup facing the rim upwards. It must sit below your cervix. 
  • Once it is in your vagina, rotate it. It will create a vacuum and get locked at the place to avoid leaks. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly once it is inserted. 

Note: Once you develop a habit of inserting it correctly, you can do your daily tasks without worrying about spills or leaks. 



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