Advice For Young Moms

The Best Advice For Young Moms To Have A Meaningful Motherhood

Becoming a parent is an exciting and daunting task at the same time. With a constant piece of advice coming from various parenting books, groups, the internet or the people asking for your pregnancy can be quite overwhelming at the times.

Every first-time parent and a young mother is doubtful about birth-giving, taking 24/7 care of their baby, looking after them and their meals. And it is quite obvious to have such feelings and questions.

Advice to young moms

Mom is the first word any child learns. And their first cry after birth is going to make the difference. Once this precious gift of god arrives, these questions would naturally come into action.

If you are a new mom or a young mom looking for the answer to such mind-boggling questions, you are at the right place. Scroll down below to get some expert pieces of advice that you are looking for as a young mom.

Advice for Young Moms

The first and foremost thing that all young moms should understand is that everything will be managed and adjusted with time. Being a new mom you can be truly wonderful in taking good care of your child. Please don’t listen to all the negative comments from people. You can be as good as your Mom.

So, here are some of the advice for all the young or first-time moms.

Take Rest when baby is sleeping

young mom resting


This is the most important tip among all of the tips that you are going to get. Everyone including your mom would advise you to take some rest. Newborns have a weird sleeping pattern. If you think you don’t need sleep then it is not gonna work.

Being a new mother, your body too needs some rest. The process of labor and giving birth is tiring. Your body needs time to repair and nourish itself again. If you rest more while your baby is sleeping, you will have more energy in the coming months. 6 months or so, when your baby starts teething there will be more time to remain awake.

And by utilizing this time in proper rest, you would be able to cope with less sleep in the next few months.

Eat Nutritious Foods

young moms eating nutritious food


For all young moms, eating nutritious and wholesome food is of utmost importance. Your baby is getting nutrition from you via breastfeeding. If you eat properly only then he/she will get proper nutrition through milk.

Also, during the early days of motherhood, some foods are prohibited because of their hot and cold effects on the body. Take the help of your mother or some elderly people to know what foods to avoid and what to eat.

Keep Gadgets away

Newborns are susceptible to changes in their environment. With growing technology and advancement in technology, there is a continuous flow of frequencies and radiations in the environment. And during the early days of growth, a baby’s eyes are not able to form a correct image. For them everything is inverted.

Also, the screen gazing and use of gadgets while the baby is near is quite harmful to its early growth years. Don’t let your baby be in touch with any of the screens in your house.

Keep your phone silent and a few meters away from the baby’s sleeping area. This will reduce the effect of blue light and radiation on the baby’s body. 

Develop New Bonds

A child already has a bond of 9 months with their mother, when it is in the womb. But developing a new bond with your baby is important (for both Moms and Dads). The bond you develop by touch, affection, and care will help your baby recognize you quickly.

young moms


Remember holding your cousins in your lap and they started crying. It was because they were new to your touch. But today, being a mom you have the time to make this touch and a bond stronger with your child.

The bond between a mother and a child can be developed by-

  1. More skin-to-skin contact
  2. Eye contacts
  3. Responding to their actions and talking to them (This may sound weird but it is the way to communicate with baby)

Give your child body massage

Give your child body massage

In India, you might have seen people covering children tightly while they sleep or giving them body massages in the daytime. All these things are done to help a child get rid of fatigue and tiredness, and help the baby grow faster.

Giving a body massage nourishes a child’s body and helps him grow stronger. The young moms and new moms are a bit afraid of pressing their child’s body a bit harder. It is quite obvious to feel so. Because a child is very delicate and his organs are still developing and continue to develop for years.

Therefore, it is advised to seek the help of the elderly experienced Granny or your mom to give your child a warm, nourishing, and refreshing body massage.

Help your child understand day and night

Many new moms think that they must keep their lights on when the baby is sleeping. But this is not the right approach. When a child is small, the brain captures the stimulus from outside and creates a neuron network. With repeated activities, a strong neural network is formed.

If you don’t help your child understand day and night, you would see him crying when the lights are off. So, to make a difference between day and night add some rituals. For instance, changing baby’s clothes to PJs, cuddling him, no noise, keeping low light while feeding, and turning off the lights will create a conducive night environment for the child to sleep comfortably.

Repeating this activity over and over will give your child an idea about the Day and night.

Advice for Single Mothers

Along with all the advice stated above for a new mom, consider these few pieces of advice as a single or young mother while in college.

advice to -single-mom-

Give time to yourself

Are you worried about having a baby in your early twenties? Are you thinking about all the goals and ambitions that you have?

No worries! You can still fulfill all of them. Many women in the US who have children in their twenties fulfilled all their dreams. It is a matter of time, effort, and patience to reach your goal. They say, having babies have inspired them. Imagine your child watching you be on top of the world.

And knowing the fact that you have the time to figure out your goals, be it a hobby, dream job, or any other thing brings a sense of comfort. So, don’t worry and give yourself some time to know and value your dreams. Don’t let your pregnancy go your dreams in vain.

Manage Finances

For all the single moms out there, the most important task is to manage finances. It is advised to manage your finances by cutting on some extra expenses or talking to a financer to help you get with your expenses. This will help you save a lot of money for the post-delivery months of care and at home.

Get Help from Colleges

If you are a young mom who was planning to get a degree but got pregnant. Then there are many assistance programs available for all the young moms, to pursue their degree while being a mom to a toddler. There are many local and private scholarships available for young mothers at college. So, ask a financial counselor about the programs available at their institution.

 Thus summing it all,

The only right time to have a baby is the time you decide. Fret not, if you are young. You still have the time to lead the world, but this time with your baby. Take good care of yourself and your tiny ones because motherhood is the precious gift you can ever have.

Thanks for reading the article. Do let us know which tip was useful for you? Also, let us know if you need information on such topics.

Happy Parenting!


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