Best Pregnancy Books

10 Best Pregnancy Books That Are Worth Buying

The weeks before you deliver are full of expectations, and discovering the best books to read in pregnancy and parenting can be encouraging. It’s exciting but sometimes can be scary too.

Parents are frequently stressed and worried, wanting to prepare everything for their upcoming child. Millions of soon-to-be parents are going through the same thing. Rather than taking too much tension, you can find a good book for pregnancy that can help you in your beautiful journey.

 So, here are some 10 Best pregnancy books that are worth buying are given below:

What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

The book by Dr. Alexandra Sacks and Dr. Catherine Birndorf, autographed by two top reproductive psychiatrists, is one of the books to read during pregnancy for fresh mothers. 

It is all about the pregnancy period, how the mother focuses on her developing baby, and her body is reaching each milestone on the way. But deep psychic transformations go on when you become a parent and are no longer engaged just for yourself. 

The book demonstrates how it is normal to experience feelings that may seem anxious, like fear, when attaining your pregnancy after months of trying or welcoming the love at first sight for your 


The book has a beautiful introduction to the concept of “Matrescence”, the birth of a mother, and how it can be as stressful as adolescence.

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!

The book is written by the pregnancy experts at Mayo Clinic and is another good book to read during pregnancy. If you’re looking for a summary of pregnancy symptoms, your changing shape, and your baby’s development, look no further. The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is a practical, convenient resource with incidental details or random worries. 

It seems to be one of the good books to read during pregnancy for a baby. The doctors behind the book are also parents. After reading this book, you learn about authority, trustworthiness, and practicality during pregnancy, birth, and newborns. 

You will also get to know about crucial things that a mother should get to know.

Eleven Hours, by Pamela Erens

The other book to read during pregnancy for an intelligent baby is Eleven Hours by Pamela Erens. The story arises when Lore checks herself into the hospital alone.

Despite the absence of a companion or fellows, she had intended out each perspective of her family. She doesn’t require any monitoring, but will she get what she needs?


The plot surges lyrically about her visions and her uncertain relationship with Franklin, a nurse in the maternity ward. Past and present conflict as Lore labours to deliver her infant.

Overwhelmed, by Brigid Schulte

Parenthood can be difficult and tiring, but you don’t have to feel as if you’ve failed yourself while creating a life for someone else. 

Brigid Schulte, a journalist, explains how our always-on culture may get the best of us and what you can do to reclaim some time for yourself. This is one of the best books to read during pregnancy.

The Baby Plan, by Kate Rorick

If you’re searching for a funny, light novel that makes your mood good, The Baby Plan is the book for you by Kate Rorick is the right choice to read during pregnancy and may make you laugh and give directions to your happy life.

Best for First-Time Moms: The Wonder Weeks by Frans X. Plooij

This book to read during pregnancy is a good option. The book explains everything during the pregnancy period. 

Necessarily, it would encourage that it was normal and all the situations in the pregnancy phase are going through by a mother is a natural phase of development. It contributes so much comfort for first-time moms. 

The book will encourage you to understand the cause behind tears, eating, and sleeping difficulties, along with complete tips.

KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN’S PREGNANCY BIBLE: The ultimate manual for moms-to-be

As the title indicates, the book is written by Kareena Kapoor Khan, and it might be among the best books to read during pregnancy. In this book, she told hundreds of things during pregnancy; Kareena speaks about 40 weeks, nutrition and health, self-care, preparing the nursery and also what to pack for the hospital – everything you could probably want to know! 

But most satisfying of all, she expresses her pregnancies openly, from her extreme morning illness to her cravings for pizza. Her book is full of emotion and honesty, which definitely helps you in your beautiful pregnancy journey.

The Mother I Never Knew

This fantastic book is written by Sudha Murty and was published on 1 January 2016. Her new book includes two stories, each with a heartfelt appeal that helps explore two questions by two different men—both for moms they never identified they had. In both, the stories, the son is entirely unaware of the surprise their destination has kept from them until everything is before them, and they understand this is all regarding the Mother They Never Knew. 

Though Mukesh’s story was touchy and Venktesh’s story had a little bollywoodish touch. Ratings of this book are not so good, but in our personal opinion if you are planning to buy; you can have this as an option among books to read during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After 

This is another good book to read during pregnancy written by Rujuta Diwekar. The book helps prepare for a healthy pregnancy and also contains notes you can cover. 

Rujuta Diwekar directs you through the journey, with advice for even before you get pregnant, till after you deliver your package of happiness. 

Each step comprises notes on food, exercise and recovery. The book also consists of beautiful recipes from across the country so that you can feel the absence of your grandmothers. This is a must-have example for every woman.

Pregnancy Guide for First Time Moms

This book is written by Sheila Devanesan. Pregnancy and postpartum are remarkable of the most stressful and challenging times women can face in their life. The book has a pack of joyous and inspiring feelings and experiences for converting a mom for the first time but also has multiple new challenges and transformations from cooking to rapid physical modifications. This can also be a good option for books to read during pregnancy.


For some, pregnancy is already the blooming of a connection between mother and baby, but for some, pregnancy brings worry about all kinds of situations like stress and anxiety. 

Reading for your unborn child is a pleasant way to express bond plus, it’s a good idea for your baby’s development and brain. 

The most frequently asked question by women is what type of books to read during pregnancy? The answer is the books that satisfy you and motivate you with good parenthood and give your unborn child positive vibes. 


1.Is it reasonable to read books during pregnancy?

Ans- Yes, definitely. It would be best to read books during pregnancy because it is good for you as a mother or for your child, as it also gives you both a positive vibe.

2. When should you start reading to your baby in the womb? 

Ans- Babies listen to their mother’s voice in the womb, so you can start reading within 12 weeks after your good news. 

3. Which book is best for pregnancy?

Ans- As we mentioned above, various books for you, so which you like, can pick up. Basically, which suits you and relaxes your soul is the right option for you. 


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