Are You Ready? 7 Tips For Getting Pregnant

A good partner who understands, a loving family, and everything a person wants to be successful. But still, there is one void that needs to be filled. Maybe one person without whom your family, your family picture, and your life is incomplete. And that one person is your baby. Yes, we talked to your heart. Be it Indian society or any other society, the life of a woman is considered incomplete without a baby. 

Is this your driving force to get pregnant faster and have a baby? Or Do you want to simply have a baby? What is your motivation to have a baby? 

Conceiving isn’t that difficult as it seems to be. A healthy woman who gets her periods on time can easily conceive. Problems arise when you suffer from any internal uterine problems or problems related to conceiving. 

Medical Science has emerged dramatically, so there won’t be any problem in childbearing. But before you conceive, you must be very very clear. 

Advice to young moms

Know your Why 

Is it family or societal pressure that is telling you to have a baby? Is your friend pregnant and you are still enjoying a romantic couple’s life? Do you have any kind of stress-related to conception? Or is it simply that you have understood to take a step forward for the next stage of life? 

What is your reason to take this step forward? Please be very very clear with your Why before you do unprotected sex. 

Exercise Regularly 

After marriage, the body goes through various biological changes. Some hormones respond differently while others show up indifferently. You must exercise regularly to keep your body in shape while maintaining healthy body weight. Exercising also helps in maintaining hormonal balance, thus maintaining a constant menstrual cycle in women. 

Also, men should exercise regularly. This helps in maintaining a healthy sperm count. 

Use Ovulation Calculator 

Ovulation Predictor Tool monitors Luteinizing Hormone, which surges shortly before ovulation. Once it turns positive, you must have sex within 24 to 36 hours, to increase the chances of birth. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking 

When you are trying to conceive, it’s better to avoid smoking and drinking. This can have a negative impact while childbearing and also on the health of a child. 

Be cautious with Vaginal Lubricants 

Vaginal Lubricants haven’t reported any problems with fertility. Some women use vaginal lubricants at the time of sex. If it’s making the process of sperm reaching the destination, then there is no issue in using them. 

Still prefer using water-based vaginal lubricants marked “sperm-friendly”. 

Have Sex – The Right way 

You don’t have to be obsessed with sex to make a baby. Reports say that having sex once or twice before the period of ovulation has better chances of conception. Make a wise decision before doing unprotected sex. Overdoing can reduce the quality of sperm. 

Consult Doctor/ Use Pregnancy Kits 

Pre-consult doctor to get the right advice to get pregnant. This will help you guide through the necessary tests, medications, or counseling you need before you get pregnant. Try to attend these visits to the doctor with your partner. This will give both of you the correct guidance related to pregnancy. 

Use Pregnancy Kit, if your periods are missed, or you had sex in the past few days. Consider taking a pregnancy test to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. 

Thus Concluding, 

Conceiving comes with a lot of responsibility and care. Having a baby would definitely complete your life but you have to take care of yourself first. Seek advice from a good doctor. And educate yourself about pregnancy before taking a step ahead. 



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