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Best Baby Boy Light and Sound Shoes

“Hey! Look, he took his first step. He is walking with his tiny feet.” This is the        reaction of parents when they see their little one taking his first steps. 

The first step of your child is as exciting as the day he was born. It is not less than a miracle witnessing your little one’s small-small steps. This is the most wonderful feeling in the world, not just for you but for the little one also.

To add more excitement and happiness to every step of the walk, you would want to buy the best pair of shoes for your kido. Let’s find some best shoes for your little angel.

When to Buy Shoes for Kids?

One should neither rush in buying the shoes for the little one nor delay too much. Right time and the right fitting shoe plays an important role in a child’s muscular development. You should buy the first pair of baby footwear  when they start walking, approximately between 10 to 18 months. However, allow your kid to remain barefoot also and let them take their steps naturally. 

Choosing the Right Baby Shoes 

As a child takes his first steps, it is necessary to protect their little feet from rough surfaces. His feet send important sensations to his mind. To safeguard his tender steps, it is necessary to buy comfortable and good quality shoes. Before choosing the right pair of shoes, check whether-

  • the shoes fit properly
  • the sole is not hard
  • they are not heavy 
  • comfy and safe
  • good space for toes
  • flexible- flat sole

Light and Sound Shoes

Light and sound shoes are not new. As a child, you would have worn these too. But with time, advanced features and technology, several varieties of baby boy boots are available on the market. You can find n-number of baby shoes with light and sound for the age group between 6 months to 2 years. Such shoes encourage kids to walk often. Sound shoes for the baby boy will help you also to locate your child as they go here and there. The best kids’ light-up shoes possess some qualities like-

  • They look cool and colourful
  • They are attractive, comfortable and safe
  • They are durable and long-lasting

Some LED shoes like ‘stride rite’ are even water-proof shoes. They are easy to wash. You can put them in the washing machine also.

Are Light Shoes Safe?

The safety of your child is the topmost priority for you. On the other hand, your little one wants the sparkle and sound in his shoes. Don’t worry. These shoes are completely safe for your baby boy. The lights and batteries are set outside the shoes. Sometimes, there is lighting on the top of the baby footwear but it nowhere touches the baby feet. So, no need to worry. They are safe for your kid. Watch your kids walking, running and enjoying his little steps with his light and sound shoes.

Top Varieties of Light and Sound Shoes

A baby starts walking between the age of 8 to 18 months. Light and sound shoes are available for all age group kids, be it 9 months, 1 year or 2 years. You will have plenty of choices to buy from. Some of the most reasonable and fashionable light-sound shoes are listed below. You can place your order and get the best pair for your loved one. 

  1. Rangoli Fashion Shoes
  2. Smartots Kids Baby Boy Shoes
  3. Bunnies Baby Boys Shoes
  4. Hopscotch Baby Boys LED Sneakers
  5. Hopscotch Boys Applique Text Zip Sneaker LED Shoes
  6. Fanyi Baby Boy Sneakers
  7. Chiu Kids Sound LED shoes
  8. Kids Chu-Chu Sound Musical Shoes
  9. Baby Boy Light Shoes
  10. NEOBABY LED light shoes

Hope you have got all your answers here- baby boy light shoes, baby boy sound shoes, stylish, colourful and comfortable baby footwear. They are just one click away from you. Do not delay your child’s joy. Add more zeal to your child’s little steps. 

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